The Synagogue and the Kehillah


Every Synagogue has the responsibility of providing for its members a well-rounded, diverse program of activities which touches every area of Jewish life. We know that to be true; indeed, we take it for granted, but we sometimes forget that synagogue participation is a two-way street. If the synagogue is obligated to provide certain activities, then surely the Kehillah are obligated to participate in them. Joining a congregation is like entering into a covenant; both parties have responsibilities, and the synagogue cannot really function at its best unless those obligations are met.

Worship, education, community -- these are goals of every synagogue. As you become part of our Family, we are grateful for your support, but we hope you will want to contribute toward the survival of Judaism and the Jewish people in other ways as well. Indeed, we ask you to become partners with us in creating an institution that will truly be a storehouse of the Jewish spirit. We want our synagogue to be a place where we can give thanks to God, explore the richness of our heritage, and be reminded that we are part of a people whose mission it is to perfect the world. We want our synagogue to be an extended family in which people are willing to be there for each other, a place where we can find comfort in time of trouble, courage and hope when in doubt or difficulty, and when in joy, a celebration of our happiness. We want our synagogue to be a place where we can create memories for our children, memories so powerful that they will seek to pass them on to their children and their children's children. We want our synagogue to be a place which encourages its members to take responsibility for their own Jewishness.

It is in this spirit, then, that we present to you the following Mitzvoth as a basic requirement for  your participation in our synagogue. We hope you will use this list as a guide in determining your own level of involvement and participation in this activities. Please know that the more you are able to do, the greater the possibilities for personal enrichment and the more you will feel part of our  family.


Beit Tefillah - House of Prayer

  • Attend worship services regularly
  • Participate on the services
  • Learn Hebrew
  • Think about the role of spirituality in your life
  • Shomer (Observe) Shabbat
  • Celebrate Chagim and festivals
  • Follow Jewish customs and ceremonies
  • Translate words of prayer into deeds of chesed and justice and thereby make a difference in our community and our world

Beit Midrash - House of Study

  • Make study of Torah a regular part of your life
  • Participate in Adult Education Programs
  • Share in your child's religious education and reinforce it at home
  • Try to read and learn as possible Torah, Talmud and from other sources.
  • Discuss Jewish values with your family and be aware of the way in which they are reflected in your daily life

Beit Knesset - House of Assembly

  • Help to make our synagogue a caring community by reaching out to others
  • Mitzvah of Visit the sick
  • Comfort the mourner
  • Welcome the stranger - Mitzvah of Hospitality
  • Call those whom you haven't seen in synagogue lately and let them know they've been missed
  • Host the Oneg Shabbat when asked
  • Volunteer your time for special projects
  • Be knowledgeable about Chagim and participate on them
  • Make every effort to attend special programs
  • Support the work of the larger Jewish community
  • Be an ambassador for the State of Israel and oppressed Jews throughout the world, specially Benei Anusim
  • Contribute tzedakah to synagogue charitable funds and charities of your own choosing on a regular basis

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