We at Beit Don Yitzchak Abravanel   strive to create and maintain a community that embodies the ideals and practices of Sephardic Orthodox Judaism. To achieve this mission, we set objectives in four aspects of synagogue life: House of Learning (Beit Midrash ), House of Worship (Beit Tefilah ), House of Assembly (Beit Knesset ), and Repair of the World (Tikkun Olam ).


House of Learning (Beit Midrash )

    A synagogue:

  • that teaches Torah.
  • that empowers its members to take responsibility for their own Jewishness.
  • that provides Jewish knowledge and education for adults and children.
  • that helps its members create Jewish homes and foster Jewish memories.
  • whose teachers are knowledgeable about and committed to teaching Sephardic Orthodox Judaism.


House of Worship (Beit Tefilah )

    A synagogue:

  • that worships together as a community.
  • whose members strive to learn Torah.
  • whose members are familiar with its services and are comfortable participating.
  • whose members recognize the sacredness of the Jewish calendar by celebrating  and keeping Shabbat and Jewish holidays.


House of Assembly (Beit Knesset )

    A synagogue:

  • that strives to fulfill the role of extended family.
  • where every member commits to contribute a fair share of time and deeds.
  • where issues of daily life are discussed from a Jewish perspective.
  • That strives to fulfill the role of an example to other Jews that are distant from Judaism.
  • where members and their families socialize in a Jewish environment.


Repair of the World (Tikkun Olam )

    A synagogue:

  • that provides a Jewish presence in the larger community.
  • whose members participate in social action projects.
  • whose members contribute to Jewish and non-Jewish charities.
  • that partners with the local Jewish community and other synagogues.
  • that recognizes the importance of Israel to the Jewish people.
  • that recognizes the importance of Am Yisrael being a Light unto the World.



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